About Kunlun Tibetan Mastiffs

I have been a dog person all of my life. I love all dogs, but I am especially fond of the Tibetan breeds—all shapes and sizes. I have had a Tibetan Terrier and Lhasa Apso, in addition to my Tibetan Mastiffs.

Chandi was my first Tibetan Mastiff. She took my breath away when I first saw her. She is a jewel, a real sweetheart. Since a puppy’s temperament is largely inherited, I knew Chandi’s puppies would be sweethearts, and they all are! She is a happy, nurturing girl, who imprinted her lovely nature on her offspring. Tibetan Mastiffs are independent thinkers, though, and their humans are wise to recognize that. The rewards are a relationship of mutual respect, admiration, and love. They take their mission in life of protecting their home and family very seriously, but they are also fun-loving clowns. Visitors are heartily welcomed, but evil intruders, beware!

Chandi has excelled in the show ring, earning both her Championship, her Grand Championship, and the milestone of the Grand Champion Bronze. Chandi and the two daughters I kept, Katie and Stardust, have all passed their health screenings with flying colors, Katie and Stardust have also done well in the show ring and are on their way to their championships.

 My goal is to provide healthy, good-natured puppies that are noble guardians and ambassadors of the breed.

Talking about dogs is one of my favorite hobbies, so please do contact me with any questions you might have!