Welcome to Kunlun Tibetan Mastiffs!


Chandi & Susan

We are located in the heart of the upper Midwest, Madison, Wisconsin. My dogs aren’t just like family—they are family! They enjoy a large, privacy-fenced yard, walks and play, and our house whenever it suits them.

I am a serious hobby breeder who breeds only Tibetan Mastiffs. I take great care in planning a pairing of health-verified dogs who have a great temperaments and great structure. I also consider many generations of pedigree. My goal is to continue to improve the breed and find loving homes for the puppies.

I have always been drawn to Tibetan breeds for their intelligence, independent dispositions, and loving, laid-back temperaments. You are welcome to visit to meet us and see my dogs in person. Please take a look around the website, visit the gallery, and contact me with any questions you might have.

Thank you for visiting our website!